The persons listed below have indicated a desire to be called
for substituting at church services. No specific qualifications are
implied by their inclusion on this list.

The employer is responsible for determining that a substitute
will adequately meet the needs of the church.

Questions should be addressed to Betty Girardeau by e-mail at

Substitutes Available for Sundays

Balz, Bill 804-794-1860
Crean, Marianne 804-360-2976
Edison, Peter 804-755-4828
Freude, Sharon 804-353-4683
Grant, Cathy 434-293-0617
(Charlottesville, VA)
Heath, Margie K 804-730-2196; cell phone: 804-387-6948
Hellmers, Grant 804-878-4416
Kerschbaumer, Evelyn 804-744-3147
Moro, Don 804-652-9311
Nowowieski, Adella 804-288-0917
Traser, Donald 804-644-0888

Substitutes for Available for Special
Non-Sunday Morning Events

Bailey, Tom 804-221-7549
Campbell, Mary 804-337-3935 (cell)
804-288-4098 (home)
Hargrove, Elizabeth 804-798-1776 or
Jonkman, Crystal 804.330.9976 (home)
804.301.9976 (cell)
804.272.0992, x.104 (church)
Kumro, Joel S. 716-803-4699
Lindsey, Charles 804-370-7374
Moro, Donald 804-652-9311
Nowowieski, Adella 804-288-0917
Sachs, David 804-222-2494
Schutt, Ed 804-564-4887
Traser, Donald 804-644-0888
Van Ornam, Cheryl 804-814-6677

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