The persons listed below have indicated a desire to be listed as organ teachers. No specific qualifications or endorsement by the AGO or the Richmond chapter are implied by their inclusion on this list.

At your first consultation, it is to your advantage to discern your prospective teacher’s qualifications and credentials, to openly discuss your musical goals, and to set out mutually agreed upon expectations for your course of instruction. It is left to the negotiating parties to determine an acceptable rate of tuition and fees, convenient scheduling, and practice facilities.

To submit a listing, contact Betty Girardeau by e-mail at

Organ Teachers

Mary Beth Bennett 804-475-6485

Dr. Elizabeth Melcher Davis    804-359-5628

Rebecca (Beckie) Davy  757-645-3431

Grant Hellmers  804-355-1815

Joel S. Kumro   716-803-4699

Ardyth Lohuis D.M.A.  804-323-1762

Dr. Christopher Reynolds  540-460-7411

Daniel Sanez   202-8418599

Pat Schrock   804-539-6756

Bruce Stevens  or  804-355-5876

Daniel Stipe   804-502-5749

Mitch Weisiger 540-855-7678