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Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church
7000 Park Avenue
Richmond, VA, 23226

Seeking a part-time Director of Music (organist/choir director) for one blended Sunday morning service, incorporating a mix of contemporary traditional and gospel music, and a weekly adult choir rehearsal. The church owns 3 octaves of handbells and would like to reorganize their handbell choir(s). Allen three manual hybrid  pipe organ.  Additions duties and job description can be found at  Annual compensation  range $25,000 to $30,000 depending on experience.  Other benefits include accrued paid vacation based on years of service, sick leave, book and music allowance, social security, unemployment insurance and continuing education allowance.  Preference will be given to a candidate who has a background and experience in both organ and choral direction.  Interested candidates should submit a resume and references to

Immaculate Conception Church
1107 Fredericks Hall Rd
Bumpass VA 23024
St. Jude Church
1137 Davis Highway
Mineral, VA 23117. 

Seeking a part-time organist for 3 separate masses (2 at St. Jude on Saturday at 5pm, Sunday at 11am, and 1 at Immaculate Conception on Sundays at 9am), and all Holy Days of Obligation (4-5 per year). Two different electric organ/piano instruments.  IC has a Kawaii electronic organ/piano. Compensation total $22,000 per year based on estimate of $420 per week at 52 weeks. (Pay per service/rehearsal:  $60 per hour = 5-8 hours per week. ) Helpful if the selected musician is familiar with the Roman Catholic liturgy, typical hymns, parts of the Mass and can help the volunteer choirs of both churches improve their ensemble singing abilities and better support the Mass.  Interested candidates should contact Peggy Heeke, Office Director, Louisa Catholics, at 540-894-4266 or via email at

Immanuel Episcopal Church
3263 Old Church Road
Mechanicsville, VA, 23111

Seeking part-time organist/choir director for one Sunday 10:00 AM service and one mid-week choir rehearsal. Special services Christmas Eve and Day, Epiphany, Ash wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday. Allen two manual organ. Four weeks paid vacation, maternity leave, book and music allowance, and continuing education benefits. Salary range $14,000 to $20,000 per annum based on education and experience. Interested candidates should contact The Rev. Robin Teasley via email at, phone 804-338-0698 or Maria Koenig via email at or phone 804-972-0442.

Varina Episcopal Church
2385 Mill Road
Henrico, VA, 23231

Seeking part-time organist/director for one Sunday morning service and one adult choir rehearsal.  Special services Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, as well as Christmas Eve.  Rogers two manual pipe and electronic combination organ.  Compensation starting at $14,000 annually with four weeks paid vacation, book and music allowance, and social security.  Interested candidates should contact Whitney Edwards via email a or by phone days at 804-795-5340 or by cell at 804-304-4534.

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
9000 St. Martin’s Lane
Richmond VA, 23294

Seeking part-time organist/choir director for one Sunday morning service and one mid week evening adult choir rehearsal. Special services during Holy Week and Christmas. Three manual Rogers 750 draw-knob organ. Annual salary range $18,000 to $23,000 per year with four weeks paid vacation and continuing education funds. Opportunities to play for weddings and funerals which are compensated separately from the annual compensation. For more information about the church, visit the church website at Interested candidates should contact Father Lee Hutchinson via email at

Bon Air Presbyterian Church
9201 W. Huguenot Road
N. Chesterfield, VA, 23235

Seeking part-time Minister of Music/organist-Choir Director for two Sunday services (one only during the summer) and one weekly adult choir and adult handbell rehearsals. Special services Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Memorial Day, Blue Christmas, Christmas Eve, and as needed. There are two paid choir section leaders and currently searching for a third. Others special singers hired as needed, and brass players for Easter. Cornel Zimmer three manual pipe organ. Annual compensation range $35,000 to $40,000 with four weeks paid vacation, sick leave, books and music allowance, continuing education, and automobile allowance. After reading about our church, and the detailed job description available at, please send application materials (cover letter, resume, two references) to

Laurel Presbyterian Church
9675 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA, 23060

Seeking part-time Organist/Director of Music for one Sunday morning service and one adult choir rehearsal. Special services on Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Christmas Eve. Applicant should be interested and willing to promote the recruitment of members to the music ministry. Two manual pipe organ built by Shenandoah Organ Studio. Compensation $18,000 per year with 4 weeks paid vacation. Interested candidates should have a background in choral training or working with choirs. Applicants should send a cover letter and resume to Glenda Miller, Church Team Chair, via email at